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Reading and Posting List Messages

Please Note:   Because of an increase in spam messages, all new members must be approved by the list moderator. 


Please read and abide by Yahoo's TERMS OF USE for message boards.   Any off-topic posts, any posts for the sole purpose of promoting a product or service, and any "adult" content messages  will be promptly removed and the member will be banned from this list.

This is a friendly and informal list where we hope you will find guidance and support regarding the diagnosis and treatment of adult onset Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.   There are no "stupid" questions and no unwelcome answers and suggestions.

  • YAHOO HEALTH - A SENIOR HEALTH GROUP.   NPH_Friends is listed under "Seniors" because most people who are diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus are over 65.  Currently, it is the only message board exclusively for the discussion of NPH.
This board is open to anyone who has an interest in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.  However, if you have experience with a different type of hydrocephalus, please be sensitive about posting comments and advice which may be misleading or confusing to people who are dealing with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.   You'll find other Hydrocephalus lists and message boards listed at the bottom of  this page.

  • INTRODUCTION.  Please introduce yourself when you join the list, and let us know about your interest in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.  You may not find all the answers here, but you certainly will find sympathy and support.
  • USE LAY TERMS. Please remember that many people who post to this list are unfamiliar with medical terms, so if you use technical terms, please explain in lay terms what you mean.  Also, please refrain from using abbreviations or initials for procedures or conditions, as other readers may not understand what you mean and may be too embarassed to ask.  This is particularly important since this list will  have people dropping in and out as they are dealing with this medical crisis.
  • CHANGE YOUR SUBJECT LINE. Be sure to change the subject line if your subject changes, so people who get messages in digest format or read them on the web can determine the subjects of the messages.

  • STAY ON TOPIC. This is a relaxed list, but it is not a chat room.   The purpose of the list is to give information and support to people who are faced with the possible diagnosis of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.  Sometimes the discussion may get somewhat off topic, but please make sure it is relevant to the diagnosis, treatment and follow up for this condition.  Any spam, chain letters, or "adult content" messages will be promptly deleted. 

  • BE SENSITIVE. Although this list is based in the United States, it receives visitors from all over the world.  We want all our visitors to feel welcome. Please refrain from any religious or political references that may be offensive. 

  • DISAGREE BUT DON'T ARGUE. We may have differences of opinion, but please refrain from criticism or condemnation of others on the list.  If you have a complaint about another list member, please contact the list monitor privately. 

  • PRIVATE INFORMATION.  Because this is a public list, be cautious about sharing too much personal information, such as home address and telephone number, on the list. Particularly if you are discussing a family member or friend, be sensitive about disclosing anything too personal and identifiable about that person.  If you want to exchange information with another list member, ask them to e-mail you privately (as a member, you may sign unto the message board, go to "members" and send a private e-mail).
If you feel you have disclosed too much personal information, you may go to the main page for the group, sign in, and delete your message.



At the very top of the page, click on SIGN IN.  Sign in with your Yahoo ID and PASSWORD, or sign up for a Yahoo ID and Password if you are not a member.

You may read messages without signing in.  To post messages, you must sign in.



You also may go to the following site to sign in and view all of your groups:

Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/

 In upper right section of the page, sign in using your Yahoo ID and password

 When you sign in using your Yahoo ID and Password, you’ll be take to a new page with Your Yahoo Groups listed in the left margin.  If you are a member of several Yahoo groups with the same ID, all of your groups will be listed.  Click on the Group you want to visit.  This will take you to the main page for the group.



After you have signed in with your Yahoo ID on the NPH_Friends web site, you can view and change any of your preferences.

 Beside the Yahoo Health Groups logo in the upper left corner, you’ll see:
  Welcome [your Yahoo ID]  [Sign Out, My Account]

Directly below the Yahoo Health Groups logo, you’ll see a white bar with the following information:  
Your Yahoo ID   Your E-Mail Address   Group Member    Edit Membership

Click on “Edit Membership” to change any of your preferences, such as your Profile or your preference for sending and receiving list messages.  This can be changed at any time. You may change it temporarily if you are going on vacation (or into surgery) and do not want to receive individual e-mail messages for awhile.


To read the most recent message, click on MESSAGES in the left margin.   You may adjust the "View" option to see only one line "Simple" view of messages, view by "Thread" (subject), etc.  Click on any message to read.  To reply, hit REPLY, type your message at the top (above the original message), or you can respond to questions or make comments in the original message.  When you are finished typing, hit SEND.

Yahoo Groups shows the most recent messages on the first page, with the last message at the bottom of the page.  This may show a week or two week's of messages.


 If you are posting a new message via the web site, click on "POST" under MESSAGES.  Be sure to use a subject line that is specific. 


To reply to a message on the web (or in your e-mail program) hit REPLY.   To make it easier to see and read your reply, please reply at the top of the message, with the original thread below. 

If you are replying to a thread (string) of messages, please delete all messages except the one to which you are replying, since all of the original messages have been posted to the list.   If you are replying, but with a new subject, be sure to change the subject line.

If you are posting on the web (and not via e-mail), you have the option to respond privately to a message by clicking on “E-MAIL”  at the top of the message.  Your reply will not  be visible to the rest of the group.

Be sure to use a SUBJECT LINE, and try to remember to change the subject line if you are changing the subject.



If you have subscribed to receive individual or digest e-mails, you can post via e-mail using the following address:   NPH_Friends@yahoogroups.com

 You can reply to list messages just as you would any e-mail message, and your response will appear on the list.  Again, be sure to use a subject line and change it if the subject changes.  It makes it easier for readers to follow a particular thread.



I inadvertently changed the list to allow members to hide their e-mail address from other members.  It cannot be undone.   If you choose this option, you will not be able to post or reply via e-mail.  You will need to read messages and reply on the web.

 If you have any problems posting or receiving messages, please contact me.


Remember, you may change your list preferences at any time without unsubscribing.  If you wish to unsubscribe from this list, send an e-mail to:


Join the Discussion Group!      If you would like to share information, experiences, or learn more about Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, you are welcome to join this group.   We regret that this is now a Members Only list, to keep our member's personal information private and also deter spammers.

Before joining, please visit the
HYDROCEPHALUS ASSOCIATION    to determine whether this group is the most appropriate to meet your needs.  NPH_Friends is the only message board specifically for the discussion of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.  
This Yahoo Health Group is listed under "Seniors Health". 

Visit the Yahoo Groups Message Board for NPH_Friends: 

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