Genealogy of James Dinwiddie
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PLEASE NOTE:  I have not done any research of this group for several years.  Most of my "free" genealogy time is spent in adding new information to the USGenWeb sites I host and in my vintage postcard collections.  However,  I would be happy to add contact information below for those working on these families.  Pat Sabin .  Last updated 2-27-2011

James Dinwiddie;  b. 1740
m. abt 1762 to Jane Bell - Campbell County, VA?

Their children:

1. Mary Dinwiddie, b. August 25, 1769 in VA;  died Feb. 20, 1812 in Butler Co, KY.  She married Thomas "Sadler Tommie" Carson on August 25 1793 in Campbell Co, VA.  He was b. Feb. 2, 1769 in Bedford Co, VA and d.Nov. 7, 1825 in Butler Co, KY.  They had two sons and three daughters.  (Mary and Thomas Carson are mentioned in James Dinwiddie's Will).

2. Elizabeth Dinwiddie m. Robert Rankin, August 22, 1793.  (info from Leslie Foster says November 28, 1798); bond, Robert Rankeen (Rankin) and James Dixon.  Elizabeth and Robert are still living in 1806, as they are mentioned in James Dinwiddie's will.

3. Ann Dinwiddie, m. Thomas Wilson August 15, 1798,  bond, James Dinwiddie and Thomas Wilson; minister - Archibald McRoberts, Campbell County, VA (info from Leslie C. Foster).  Ann died soon after the birth of her first son, probably prior to 1800.  (Only one child is mentioned in the will of James Dinwiddie - his granddaughter, Ann Dinwiddie Wilson).

James Dinwiddie married Isabel Galbreath bef. 1784;  Isabel was b. about 1747 in Bucks County, PA .   Note:  James mentions five daughters in his will, but these are the only children listed in the Sevier Family History.

Their children:

1.  Jane "Jean" Dinwiddie, b. Sept. 25, 1784 in Virginia;  died Sept. 28, 1853, Greene Co, TN; married David Rankin June 7, 1801 in Greene County, TN.

2. Nancy Agnes Dinwiddie, b. Dec. 27, 1786; died March 26, 1844 Greene County, TN;
married Valentine Sevier January 3, 1804 in Greene Co, TN;  He was b.  July 8, 1780 in Washington Co, TN.

The Mysteries:

1. Is James Dinwiddie who married Isabel Galbreath actually James Dinwiddie, Jr. ?  Look at his death, noted on page three of the Valentine Sevier family record.

A genealogy article reprinted in "East TN Roots Vol VII, No.4"  includes extracts of letters written by John R. Gaston and James Galbreath that indicates a nephew-uncle relationship.

2.  Was Isabel married prior to marrying James Dinwiddie?  It seems possible, since she had Jane and Nancy while in her 30's.  If she was married before, was she married to a Joseph Gaston in Northampton, PA?  If so, did they have these children?

       1.  Hugh Gaston, b. January 18, 1764
       2.  Elizabeth Gaston, m. Thomas Wilson, August 7, 1800 ( widower of
            Ann Dinwiddie?), Campbell County, VA.  Bond, Samuel Galbreath and
            Thomas Willson;  witnesses - Samuel Galbreath and Jean Dinwiddie;
            Minister- Obadiah Edge.
       3.  James Gaston, b. abt 1767
       4.  Alexander Gaston, b. July 22, 1769
       5.  John R. Gaston, b. August 1770

Will of James Dinwiddie

Valentine Sevier's family record
Transcription   &  Actual Document

Researchers working on this mystery:
Pat Sabin Descended from James Dinwiddie and Isabel Galbreath  through their daughter, Nancy Agnes, who married Valentine Sevier of Greeneville, Tennessee.
Joyce Gaston Reece
Joyce Dinwiddie Thomas

Virginia Gaston
Husband is a descendant of  Alexander Gaston.
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