Valentine Sevier-Family Record
Greeneville, Tennessee
Valentine Sevier

Transcribed from  the original, hand written family record of births, marriages and deaths of the Valentine Sevier family.  It is very much like a Bible record, but written on three sheets of paper.
The original was discovered in 1985 in the effects of our great-grandmother, Nannie Leila Sevier (Sabin) of Jonesborough, TN (1856-1935) who was the only daughter of Dr. William Robertson Sevier. Thank you to Mary Sabin Floyd for allowing me to scan the originals.

 A copy of the original handwritten document can be viewed  HERE.  

 It appears that this record was kept by Valentine Sevier, with the last entry approximately 1848, prior to the birth of his last child.  The last entries appear to have been made by another family member, possibly his second wife, Vinerah Cannon

Note: I have not changed the spelling on any of the names...they have been transcribed  as they are written, which includes nicknames. The "old store house" of Mr. Deaderick could be "stone house."

Valentine Sevier House
Valentine Sevier House in Greeneville, Tennessee
Photographed 1981 by Donald G. Sabin



     Valentine Sevier, born 8th July 1780
     Nancy Dinwiddie, his Wife, born 27th December 1786
     Their children- To wit-

     1. Isabel, born thursday 10th January 1805, about 8 o'clock in the morning- at her
     Grandfather D's on Sinking Creek where the [road crosses?] Babb's Mill.

     2. Kezia, born, saturday 22nd March 1806, about 3 o'clock, afternoon, in Greeneville,
     in the counting room, back of store.

     3. Robert, born tuesday 13th October 1807, about 12 o'clock at night, in Greeneville,
     in back part of counting room of the old store house of Mr. Deaderick.

     4. Betsy, born friday 13th October 1809, about 12 o'clock at night, in Greeneville, in
     the red room upstairs of store house of Mr. Deaderick.

     5. Susanna, born tuesday 3rd March 1812, about 7 o'clock in the evening in
     Greeneville in same room that Betsy was born in.

     6. James, born thursday morning about 8 o'clock, 17th February 1814 in the same
     room that Betsy & Susan were born in.

     7. Charles, born tuesday 30th April 1816 about 5 o'clock, afternoon in the same room
     of Betsy & others birth.

     8. Jane, born monday evening between 7 & 8 o'clock, 24th August 1818 in the green
     room upstairs in the same house.

     9. David, born friday morning, 10 o'clock- 6th October 1820 in the green room above

     10. William, born Saturday 7th September, 1822, 5 o'clock afternoon in the lower
     room of Doct. McCorkle's house in Greeneville.

     11. Mary, born tuesday 21st December 1824, 7 o'clock in the morning in the same
     room of William's birth.

     12. Edward, born thursday 20th July 1826 - 2 o'clock, afternoon in same room of
     William & Mary's births.

     13. Joseph born monday 30th March 1829- 10 o'clock at night in our lodging room
     below stairs in brick house in


     Valentine Sevier & Nancy Dinwiddie - by Rev. John W. Doak, tuesday 3rd January
     1804, at Mr. Jas. Dinwiddie's (the place of Isabel's birth -

     Their children

     1. Isabel, to Francis A. McCorkle by Rev. Sam. W. Doak- thursday 9th December
     1824 in the house now owned by Doct. McCorkle.

     2. Kezia, to George Jones, by Rev. Sam. W. Doak - tuesday 18th January 1825 in
     same house of Isabel's marriage -

     3. Robert, to Ann H. Sibley, by [blank], 24th March 1831 in St. Charles, Missouri.

     4. Elizabeth, or Betsy, to John W. Cunningham by Rev. James McLin, 20th October
     1831, in our brick house.

     5. Jane, to James H. Vance by Rev A. Rafe [?]

     6. James to Jane Simpson by Rev. Francis A. McCorkle - thursday 1st September
     1836 in Rogersville.

     7. Charles, to Elizabeth Briscoe by Rev. [blank], near Canton, Mississippi.

     8. William to Martha Ellen Cunningham, by Rev. John W. Cunningham, Jonesborough,

     9. David to Annis R. Netherland, by Rev. Frederick A. Rafe, 1st Oct. 1845 on Long
     Island near Kingsport, Sullivan Co.

     [Note: Two items below may be in a different hand]

     Val Sevier & Vinerah Cannon married by Doct. F.A. McCorkle thursday 16th April

     Charles Lyman their son born friday morning (8 o'clock) 30th April 1847.


     11. Mary - on tuesday morning 6th September 1825 - about 6 o'clock in the room of
     her birth-

     My beloved Wife Nancy tuesday 26th March 1844, about a quarter before 4 o'clock
     in the evening, at the home of Mr. Geo. Jones in Greeneville, where she was taken sick
     friday 22nd March 1844.

     7. Charles (my beloved son) on monday 5th August 1844, about [blank] o'clock at his residence in Mississippi (near 

     Mr. James Dinwiddie, Jr. died 6 May 1806
     Mary McCorkle, died 15th March 1827
     Mrs. Isabel Dinwiddie died about 12 o'clock at night of wed. 28th Sept. 1831