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This East Tennessee Pioneer Heritage site is owned by Pat Sabin
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This web ring is for web sites containing historical and genealogical
information about the families and places of East Tennessee,
including the counties of:
Blount * Carter * Claiborne * Cocke * Grainger * Greene * Hamblen *
Hawkins * Jefferson * Johnson * Knox * Sevier * Sullivan * Unicoi * Washington

Who Can Join?

Any  genealogy or history site, event site, museum, society or association, college or university, municipality, or personal home page which offers historical and/or genealogical information about East Tennessee people and places.  I'm sorry, but sites featuring only links to information (with no actual data) will not be accepted.  If the site is a genealogy site, the home page should have some mention of its East Tennessee connection. This Webring is a free service designed to promote history and genealogy on the Internet.   Pat Sabin

How to Join

Submit your site information.  Be sure that the URL you enter is the exact web page where your web ring will be located (typically your home page, or the page most relevant to the topic of the ring).  If visitors to your site cannot easily spot the navigation bar (if it is buried in an entire page of webrings and junk bars), the ring is broken.  Broken rings are of no benefit to anyone.   Webring suggests that you add the navigation bar to every page of your site, but that's your choice. 

Your site will be added to the queue, and I will check it for relevance.  You must add the navigation bar within a short period of time after your site has been approved.  You also will be e-mailed a confirmation that your site has been accepted to the ring.

We've had many changes in WebRing operations, and even I am confused about what is allowed and not allowed.  I gather that the customized navigation bar seen above is no longer allowed. 


Pat Sabin

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